Monday, January 5, 2009

Obama, Obama, Obama... The Middle East Edition!

So I just want to be completely upfront and honest... I think that President-elect Barack Obama is genius, and I am an avid supporter of his and his pending administration! I went to rallies, donated, bought clothing items/buttons/stickers, and debated to the point to where I had to basically leave a job b/c things got pretty out of control and so much personal disrespect was shown over politics! It was all behind the simple notion of our American democracy being held by responsible people, and I felt, like so many others, that Obama was the right person for it and I am not apologetic for it! :)

Anyway, I am a lover of politics, and I stay glued to CNN, MS NBC, and watch Fox News at times, as well to see how the other side thinks! :) So today, I was watching CNN after Jeopardy, which is sadly my morning routine, and I was particularly aggravated by a piece that they had on about Obama's silence in the Israel/Gaza violence. The segment pointed out how Palestinian and Hamas leaders have been upset by Obama not making statements about the 10 days of lop-sided Israel violence, and how he is drawing criticism from world leaders and also how Hilary Clinton, the soon to be Sect. of State :), has been mute about it as well... News flash folks... He is not the President yet, nor is Hillary the Sect. of State! And as much as I can't wait for Bush to be out of office and for the inauguration for America's first African-American President, that occurs on January 20th. The transition team has released statements that clearly state "There is one President at a time, and we will respect that." I don't understand why for some people to absorb. So the segment goes on the note that Obama issued a statement about the Mumbai terrorist attacks last month, and I had to think about it for a second and I was like "yeah he did"... Then as I continued to think about it, and I know it may seem callous to the global community, but Americans were targeted in those attacks, and for him to be the incoming American commander in chief, that was appropriate for him to do so. Just like it is appropriate for him have this amazing transition team in place to be ready on day one to handle the economic situation, and have press conferences about the economy as well.

The violence in Gaza is beyond unfortunate, and the real victims of the senseless violence are the Palestinian and Israeli citizens, who are being put in danger and sadly so many have died. And for what? Religion and territory? I wonder what God/Allah thinks about that?

And on that topic as well, yes Hamas did start the initial fighting, but they are up against Israel, a country that has the backing, technology, and weaponry of the Western world. Violence isn't going to solve anything. It's a lop-sided conflict. Diplomacy is the only resolution, and as much as some don't want it to occur, the nation of Palestine needs to be put back on the map. I am an admirer of the Jewish community for their ability to stick together through the toughest of times and come out triumphant, but I think Zionism was just another form of neo-colonialism. Thanks the United Nations! You don't establish a nation and move hundreds of thousands of people in on top of an already existing nation. Sorry! It doesn't work like that. This where the bitterness and Islamic extremism come from! I am a history major, and yes knowing about these subjects helps, but it seems obvious that there is wrong on both sides. And now we have innocent children and everyday citizens on both sides losing their lives b/c of this 40+ year long occupation. Once again, diplomacy is the only resolution. And how about Hamas/Palestinian leaders not criticize Obama, who once again is not in office until my little sister's birthday JANUARY 20TH, and look to Bush and his administration for some help in their last days in office. Or maybe they too realize that Bush is a lost cause! Lol...