Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random commentary...

This morning President-elect Obama gave a major speech about the economy and the stimulus package that he is proposing to Congress. I thought the speech was on point, but the pundits as usual like to pick apart everything that is said and criticize it. It's not needed all of the time folks. It's sad that my CNN folks were the main ones doing so. :/ It's rather annoying to say the least. I think the package is more than a good step in the right direction, so rather than whine and berate the man, let's see what will happen. The issue with the tax cuts for middle/working class families is a non-issue to me. I think that giving American families money during a time when so many in need is not a political move, but a smart, considerate move. No one said recovery would be easy, and I don't agree with everything that President-elect Obama says all the time, but I think it's a good move! So I say thank you! One concerned citizen to another!!! :)

Another topic... I am quite tired of hearing about Burris. While I do think that he is mighty full of himself (the mausoleum is a bit much, sir), he was legally appointed the as the junior Senator from Illinois. It's honestly that simple. Yes Blagojevich is a piece of crap and should be jailed for trying to sell Obama's vacated seat, but he is still in office and still has the authority to appoint someone. Of course people were hoping that he wouldn't do it, but he did, so we have to deal with it. Senator Reid is really full of himself as well for speaking out so much against this man. I am quite disappointed with the Democratic leadersip of the Senate. We are in power, and now we are sucessfully proceeding to tear the party apart with this nonsense. Good job Dems! :(