Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekly wrap-up...

Well it's not likely that everyone in the world doesn't know about the biggest news story of the week... BUSH IS OUT OF OFFICE!!! Well, granted that is true, but of course, I am just kidding. I am beyond thrilled that he is no longer our President, but he is moving to Dallas and moving right up the street from my stomping ground. Oh yay. Hopefully we can run into each other at Whole Foods or something and have an interesting conversation. That may actually be awesome.

But as we all know, the major story of the week/year/decade, heck I don't know ever in American History (ok... too far?), was the realization of the American Dream on January 20th 2009, with the inauguration of Barack Obama as our 44th President. I mean can people even fully understand the magnitude of this? The United States of America has an African American president. Hello. I don't want to beat a dead horse, and you all know I can b/c I am a good lefty and a history major, but that is incredible. I am so proud of all or us, whether you voted for him or not. My patriotism isn't sky high normally, but at that moment I couldn't help but bask in the glory of our American values finally becoming a reality for all of us. It's not exclusive anymore, well that's debatable b/c he is still a man, pretty much well-off now, Ivy league educated, and of mixed race, but that's not what's important. And please do not think I would ever undercut President Obama's historic candidacy, victory, and presidency, but it's great now to think that the Presidents Club is open to well-qualified people and the basis of race is no longer a road block. Next gender... Oh the day!!!

And yes I did admit above that I am not normally the most patriotic person, because I think so much of time we as Americans are pompous and don't embody the values that we have in our founding documents or preach to others. But to see all the people there in D.C. to witness history and wish him well in office, and to even hear/see the former nay-sayers show respect for this peaceful transition of power from two vastly different individuals choked me up for a second. It made the cynical liberal in me go away. This is why I will never leave America, well never give up my American citizenship. We have a government that does respect differing ideas, and civil war or anarchy aren't going to break out in cities across the country when your candidate doesn't win. So props to Americans for showing maturity and respect. Of course the partisan bickering is starting back up again, because President Obama has made some huge choices already, but it's almost to be expected.

One thing I wanted to just touch on was something I heard about the other day... The President and First Lady's affection for one another. I am no advocate for PDA, trust me, but I think it's very positive for their daughters to see them lovingly embracing each other, and heck it's good for other people to see it as well. Despite my pretty staunch views on feminism, I do believe in the sanctity of marriage (for both hetero- and homosexuals) and it shows their children that yes life has changed greatly, but your parents are the same and still love each other. I think it's great. But someone said that people were feeling uncomfortable about it. Well it's the photographers that are catching these images, and the media that display them all day. Tell them to stop showing it all the time. Tell them to stop focusing on Michelle's style of dress or Aretha Franklin's hat. I think it's interesting that our politicians have reached this hyper-celebrity status, but at the same time, we need to show him the respect that any other president has been shown. I get it. The Obamas are like the political version of Brad and Angie-good looking, smart, charitable, well-liked, but a certain point it goes entirely too far. Demand that the media remain objective and focus on the issues. How about you do that!! Don't put down the president for loving his wife. HELLO! That's what you are supposed to do. He's not weak for it. He is a real man, because he loves his wife and isn't afraid to show it. It's not political posturing or other nonsense that I heard. They are married and love one another. End of story. We should all wish to find a spouse that we can share those moments with one day. Shall we say hating? Lol...

Back to politics, I also was so happy to see Hillary Clinton, our new Sect. of State, take her place in the State Department yesterday morning. I supported Sect. Clinton at the beginning of the campaign, before Bill's moments of ignorance and her supporters just got out of line, so I was glad to see her embrace her position in the Obama administration. What was more amazing was the audience outside of the State Dept. where she held her press conference. She had a good size crowd of supporters come out to see her do well, also. So good luck to her, as well. Sect. Clinton understand the need for diplomacy, so she is a perfect fit, and will do well at her new job.

I just would like to say that we need to realize that President Obama doesn't have a magic wand, and it is going to take time to rebuild America's economic foundation, but we have to have patience and not give into the cynicism on either end of the spectrum. Save your money, but still remember you can buy the goods you need. Go out to eat, but cook at home most days. Just be responsible with your money, and we will all manage to make it out of this. And more importantly... URGE YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES TO PASS THE STIMULUS PACKAGE QUICKLY!!!! I'm out...